[Still can’t think of new plots. So it’s back to poetry.

Sir Thomas Beecham once explained to an audience that the reason he was going to conduct a certain major piece was because it sounded pretty. He left it at that. Whether or not I succeed, I am mostly interested in pretty sounds here; so, if you bother to read my verses below, there is no subtext, and nothing for analysis. But I do hope the reader likes how the verses sound.]


Where my chains fade down to the ocean floor
Where the pots are swayed and rolled,
The fetid bait’s dull gold
Is winding out its lure
To stone-bred senses, born to brine and cold.

Leave then these marble acres calm,
May this evening spell perdure.
Permit the reeking lure
To work its gradual charm
On that strange life of rock and cave and fissure.

Tomorrow morning, breathless still,
Sun tingling on these perfect bays
Through lifting haze…

Zephyr and Aeolus, ease my ways,

Then, God of Weathers, fill!

Then shock my hull with the rattle and scratch of the crays!

About mosomoso

Growing moso bamboo on the mid-coast of NSW, Australia.
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  1. beththeserf says:

    Two in a decade, moso!! And oh, that tricksy, tangled rhyme,
    confounding expectations, and of course yr last two lines with
    a twist. … Lobster Mornay, mmm.

    Came in ter remind yer about Foyle”s War but you no doubt prefer
    ter watch a replay of Finch’s triumph, tho’ life’s not a game, no matter
    what they say about the playing fields of England. Belinda and I will be
    involved in real-life cold-war stuff, hoping Foyle makes a king hit against
    the forces of tyranny.

  2. beththeserf says:

    Well? ( Noticed the doctor is still there. Hmmm.)
    That Sam, won’t stay in the car. Neither of them
    are too good at following orders. )

  3. beththeserf says:

    Tonite @ 8.30 ABC. Be there or be square.
    Cold War thickens.

  4. beththeserf says:

    Last evah episode. No more Foyle … Sam … Miss Pierce.
    Je suis desole, et Belinda likewise.
    : ( : ( : (

    • mosomoso says:

      Outrageous. Just when I’d found a use for that Trotskyite network.

      Other irritations:

      Miss Pierce going all operatic instead of just smoking and drinking herself to death.

      Sam giving Foyle a peck on the cheek. She’s his serf, for god’s sake!

      That academic chick giving Foyle the eye. Really!

      Now no more Foyle ever. What will they do? Replace him with some vewwy British whimsy?

      I’m so displeased. Wish I had a serf to beat over a broken champagne flute or something.

  5. beththeserf says:

    Foyle the toff and Sam his serf, so true. Miss Pierce, she was a Locusta,
    goddam it, I miss her already and regardin’ displeasure, yes I wish yer
    did too.

  6. beththeserf says:

    I meself have had ter take a break from Edmund Burke and ‘The French
    Revolution,’ not havin’ a toff’s capacity fer extended, down ter-earth-
    considerations.On-the-side I’m writing little poems on figures in a
    land-scape, don’t know why.Here’s one (with illustration.)

    In Hokusai’s woodblock-print,
    ‘Ejiri in Suruga Province,
    Nature in playful mood
    blows the leaves from trees,
    sends scribes’ papers sailing
    sky-wards, snatches hats
    from the heads of peasants
    who react with strange
    physical contortions,
    clutching flailing clothing,
    grimacing into the wind.

  7. beththeserf says:

    Thx. One of a pair. Here’s the other with pic-chure.

    Figures in a Landscape.

    Just look at them! Hokusai’s
    small figures in a landscape,
    a master’s thirty-six views of
    Mt Fuji, calm, serene even,
    two sweeps of the calligrapher’s
    brush capturing its perfect
    conic symmetry.

    There they are, clambering like
    beavers up its slopes, though they’re
    not fooled by Nature’s randomness,
    know Nature gives but also takes,
    look how they wrest a living
    from it, pit their energy
    against it, pulling together, even
    against that great wave.

    Suppose I’d better get back ter me Edmund Burke et al. (

    • mosomoso says:

      As a youth, I used to stare at that picture probably more than any other. It was the sense that the wave would never break, because everything is for keeps…or something…Nope, I can’t do abstract thought.


  8. beththeserf says:

    Jest read yr comment on CE re temperachure measurements.
    Direction but sure no precision, why it’s lobsters all the way down!
    Don’t wish ter comment because, ( a) non-technical serf. ( b) I do
    respect Mosher’s honest efforts. My take home is there ain’t enough
    certainty fer costly $$$$$$$$$ guvuhmint policies taxing fossil and
    human energy. beth the serf ter robert the toff, ovah and out.

  9. beththeserf says:

    Poost script plus one.

  10. beththeserf says:

    P-o-s-t-! Gotta go and lie down… lack a’ sleep. (

  11. beththeserf says:

    We’re jest goin’ out with an ol’ friend from Germany, (Won’t mention the War.)
    But beforehand have commented re NYT thread @ Jo Nova,* don’t know
    whether a toff will award me with me tick or what. ) … (

    * (February 25, 2015 at 5:19 pm · Reply )

    • mosomoso says:

      We – that means I – have responded favourably to our serf’s bold opinionating. Don’t want to encourage that sort of thing on the actual domain, of course.

  12. beththeserf says:

    Not the royal ‘we.’ referrin’ ter collective family entity.

  13. beththeserf says:

    Hey yer responded
    at JN! )

    What I consider
    ter be a true toff,
    that ‘noblesse oblige,’
    in the Foyle – King
    Arthur tradition yer
    see on tee vee,
    excuding deals
    that compromise
    knightly and daily
    honorable behavior,

  14. beththeserf says:

    Ter inform yer, re serfdom, I am in the throes of dealing with Hayek
    and The Road ter u know where, … any advise from a toff would be
    de trop.

  15. beththeserf says:

    Tsk, more errors in me pome and I must stop writing those silly things.
    People will begin ter think I’m eccentric.

    • mosomoso says:

      No, no…we find that the antics and bumblings of our serfs add to their quaintness.

      As for advice re Hayek etc, have I ever entertained a single abstract thought in my life? I read the SUg to bone up on all that. Very fatiguing and brain-hurty, but I do it.

      Count on me for a comment, something proper to a gentleman and in a light tone.

  16. beththeserf says:

    Something like ‘Big Effervescence’ will do.
    Seems I can’t resist this rhyming thing
    It’s got me under its skin.

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