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“Lucius Vitellius, you honour Petra and all of Nabataean Arabia with this visit.” “King Aretas, the honour is mine…I just hope you’ll excuse the dust of the journey and my unsuitable attire.” “A Roman uniform is never out of place, … Continue reading

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Taking a break from yarns… Edward was seven. It was winter. The guest house where the family was staying that long weekend was heated. In the main lounge, full of adult smells of beer, tobacco smoke and perfume, whole logs … Continue reading

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For reader L., who may like this one. The fat man with dyed and slicked back hair sat tugging his too-red suspenders upward, as if to correct gravity and his seventy years of gorging. Vintage Rodenstock specs, square framed with … Continue reading

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Andrew Essig is still making money in Sydney property. His nose for the “coming” area is still uncanny. Forty years ago, when the thrust to outer suburbia had slowed and a few inner city suburbs like Paddington and Balmain were … Continue reading

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