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I’d been mulling about various… Oh, why give details? I’d just been mulling, as one does at my age. Except that I’ve tended to do it at all ages. You too? It was the usual mulling. What-if mulling. Best-is-behind mulling. … Continue reading

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REXIE (Part 3 of 3)

Before heading off to the Observatory, a drive of some twenty minutes, I rang Peninsular Security, the company which handled our security patrols, and reported an undefined problem. They told me a car would swing by the Observatory within minutes. … Continue reading

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REXIE (Part 2 of 3)

As I approached the old man, he nodded  politely but then faced away, as if to stiffen himself against well-meant intrusion. I was guessing he had experienced plenty of that, so I was going to be careful about implying he … Continue reading

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REXIE (Part 1 of 3)

Dear Mr Ruan Thank you for the opportunity to gather and sort my thoughts following our conversation of last Tuesday. You were correct to suggest this: writing things down clears and stimulates recollection. I have written this text off line, … Continue reading

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Past ruin’d Ilion Helen lives, Alcestis rises from the shades; Verse calls them forth…   Dr Gerald Tubbs should have been moved, even tearful, but he was experiencing exhaustion and little else. He was now to feel exhausted permanently, it … Continue reading

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